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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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closely. bruce leshan is live at a truck stop along kings dominion tonight with the latest. bruce, there are a lot of questions surrounding this whole thing. >> a lot of questions, but it looks like it's going on, at least to some extent. here's the poster that they are handed out here at the truck stop and apparently, organizers say they are going to gather here at the truck stop and then head north saturday -- friday morning, about 7:00 a.m. and one offers told me that they will blockade the beltway, maybe drive up constitution avenue, arrest a few members of congress, although he now insists that all that was really just a ploy to get some attention from the mainstream media. >> the truckers are declaring general strike. >> on youtube, organizers are promising massive traffic disruption starting friday and running through the weekend.
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they are calling it the ride for the constitution. and it starts with the whole series of complaints about the struggles of truck drivers, but then organizers veer into wild rants about what they call treasonnist government officials. it focuses on the president. >> i don't think president obama obeys the constitution. i think he passes him as he sees fit, you know, it reminds me of a dictatorship. >> protest seems to have hit a raw vein of anger. >> it is unclear why he blames the president for his troubles. >> slip over in their grade if they knew what was going on these days. it's them, the government, not we the people anymore. >> $346. >> some independent truckers complain they cannot make it anymore. the woman leading the ride for the constitution website is now disavowing a georgia trucker who promised three lanes of trucks barricading the beltway
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and the arrest of members of congress for allegedly disregarding the constitution. >> if they feel like they are going to get results out of it, more power to them. >> now, zeta andrews, a radio talk show host and former smoke model says that she expects some 3,000 truckers to gather here, but we did not talk to any truckers here who were certain that they were going to attend and some state officials think that this may be mostly, mostly hot air. lesli, back to you. >> i suppose we'll see on friday and if things are jammed up, we'll know they really did show up. all right, bruce. >> well, i'm sure many of you have a few thoughts on this mess. we want to hear from you so we can go to asking if you thought the shutdown would last this long. you can vote yes or no and tell us what you think currently right now.
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most people are saying yes, they did think the shutdown was going to last this long. >> despite the government shutdown, immigration activists say that will slow down their demand about immigration reform and right now, they are marching on capitol hill. that's where our kristin fisher is live and kristen, i understand there have been some arrests, too. >> there has. right now, there are still thousands of immigration reform activists right in front of the capital and several of them just got arrested in a self- proclaimed act of civil disobedience. they literally sat down in the middle of first street and refused to move. organizers told me at least 200 people were planning on getting arrested today, including at least five members of congress. representatives, charlie rangle was the first to be arrested, along with representatives, john lewis, and keith eler son. their goal is to get congress to act now on immigration reform. they want a clear path to
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citizenship for the nation's 12 million undocumented immigrants. i'm sure some of you were thinking congress has any immigration reform when they can't pass a budget. these protesters say this rally has been planned a long time and these reps were carefully orchestrated. before they happened, i spoke with one of the organizers and he was very forthcoming about what they were about to do. listen. >> we're going to have about 200 of our brave leaders and community activists in the region and throughout the country who are going to get arrested to send a message to congress. enough is enough, you know, we are tired of waiting. we are tired of excuses. and we are escalating. >> before the march to capitol hill, there was a huge rally on the national mall all afternoon. the american road. house minority leader, nancy pelosi spoke on the stage. even in the middle of the shutdown and this shutdown almost kept the event from happening.
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organizers had to apply for a first amendment right to protest permit with u.s. park police and only at the very last minute did they get it. i tell you what, even if they did not get it, these arrests were going to happen no matter what. as i said, capital police now about this. they were up there waiting for these protesters to arrive and as one capitol police officer said to me, he asked, excuse me, ma'am, are you one of the protesters that will be getting arrested today? that's how organized these arrests were up on capitol hill. i said no, i'm a reporter, clearly i'm not going to get arrested, but it was very organized and i think the protesters here today felt like they came, they accomplished what they came for here on capitol hill. back to you. >> kristen, thank you. >> one thing got done on capitol hill today. >> next time you write a tweet, you might want to check it and double check it. >> white house adviser probably wishes he did. he was commenting on a tweet how americans get their information from cable and the internet and it's a massive
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factor in political polarization. then he tweeted, also a much n word factor on the right. we assume that he meant to write the word, bigger. he later tweeted, obviously a horrendous typo. my apologies, but that typo lit up the twitter sphere. we are waiting for investigators to identify three people killed in an early morning fire. a couple and their teenage son died when flames swept through their home on fuller heights road in prince william county, virginia. delia goncalves spoke to a neighbor in this close knit mobile park. >> earl is numb. he just drove away from his mobile park early this morning to begin a normal workday when he received a horrifying call. >> my mother called in the fire and when she called me, i turned around and came back home and this is what you get.
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phi only had -- left work ten minutes later, i would have stayed. just awful. it's awful. >> a couple with two adult children died inside a fire hours later, investors searching the debris and rubble discover the body of one of their sons believed to be 19. >> the son, i have -- the oldest son is here. he just found out his mother was killed. >> the flames were so intense, the walls and roof of the mobile home collapsed, making it too dangerous to go inside. >> it happens normally during trailer fires, because they are put together with lightweight construction. >> in the 18,700 block of road. a throw stone away from the marine base. the deceased couple lived in one of the three trailers here, earl lived in the other. >> my two neighbors were killed in the fire.
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it's very devastating. people that you know every day, it gets you, it really does. it really does. >> in triangle, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> the family of a new jersey man who set himself on fire last week says he had a long mental battle in mental illness. john poured gasoline on himself in the middle of the national mall last friday. passing joggers took off their shirts to help put out flames, but he died later that night. the family says they don't think he was trying to make any kind of political statement. d.c. police say a female officer was goff offduty this morning. police say the suspect told the officer he had a gun before she drew her weapon and shot her in the stomach. she's described as conscious and breathing and taken to the hospital. police have not said whether his claim about the gun was true. >> the city of alexandria is threatening imminent domain to push through its waterfront
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plan on valuable piece of property in oldtown. as peggy fox reports, after years of unsuccessfully trying to negotiate a deal for public access, the city is now playing hardball. >> the time to resolve this matter and to move forward is now. >> alexandria mayor once said he would not consider imminent domain concerning how the city deals with what many say is an eyesore. this private parking lot that sits right on oldtown's prime waterfront location, since the 1920s, it's been owned by the old dominion boat club. >> public should be able to exercise and enjoy the waterfront. i don't think it should be in private, frankly. >> people walking along the waterfront have to walk around the parking lot, which is surrounded by a chain link fence. >> this waterfront is very valuable property, but not for parking lot. >> the city council and residents have approved a
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waterfront plan, which calls for the public path to connect here and for the last 15 years, the city has been trying to work out a deal with the boat club, but members see it differently. >> if you lose the lot, it's going to be problematic to sustain operations here at the boat club, because a lot of people get boats in and out of the water. >> the city says back in june, it proposed a plan that would allow the boat club to keep part of its parking lot. the city is now taking this bold step. >> and the citizens are crying out and saying to us, move on, enough is enough. >> mayor announced today they will take the issue to the public and hold a hearing about the parking lot. and whether the city should pursue using imminent domain to take it by force. >> we want people to have a sense of place and be able to have access all throughout this gym that is in alexandria that makes us distinctive. >> peggy fox, wusa9.
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>> a public hearing will be held at city hall next month at 6:00 p.m. coming up at 5:30, more on the government shutdown and why it has skate boarders cheering and doing tricks. i'm topper shutt. the clouds are here and the rain not too far to follow. we'll show you temperatures in the ballpark for average. 67 downtown. mid 60s in gaithersburg. and we're looking at a yellow alert day on thursday and may have more than that to declare. we'll explain why. >> and remember the kid who made it on to a flight without a ticket? well tonight, we have an update on that sinker. turns out, he is no stranger to trouble. >> and this woman and her husband have quite a story. they survived five days stranded in the wilderness.
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february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes.
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terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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this afternoon, we're hearing an offduty police officer was involved in this melee that many of you have seen on video tape involving bikers in manhattan. two people familiar with the case say investigators have evidence the officer pounded on the suv. now his lawyer has said he only witnessed the attack. the driver was pulled from that suv after hitting a biker last month and the driver's wife said he was fleeing to protect her and their two-year-old. four bikers have been charged. >> talk about turning the tables, a would be robber had some sudden second thoughts about robbing a long island deli. surveillance video shows the hole that man fired a shot into the wall. it was a move he would regret. the shop employee pulled out a large machete and said, i got something for you. he chased the suspect who ran out of the deli, bet he won't do that again. this afternoon we have some new information about that nine- year-old boy who hopped on a
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flight from minneapolis to vegas and without a ticket. that thursday, that boy made it past security and on to a delta flight. quite a bit of it, minneapolis radio station there says he broke into a water park without buying a ticket and that seems like nothing when you hear last week he was arrested for stealing a car. we're talking about a boy who is nine years old. child protection has investigated his family four times in the last year. because you have to wonder, where is mommy and daddy? and mom works at the airport. they are looking into claims she might have helped him on to this also. there is encouraging news for an oklahoma zoo worker mauled by a tiger. show you the first picture of the victim, 27-year-old, kelsey. it's going to be a long road to recovery, but doctors at oklahoma university hospital do believe he will be able to keep her arm. she admits she did break zoo rules by sticking it in the
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tiger's cage. he will keep it away from the public for the rest of the tiger's life. >> a couple from arkansas is telling quite a story of survival after their day hike turned into a harrowing five- day ordeal. vanita has their story. >> rick mcfarland wanted the hike at big ben national park in texas. they were told to leave because of the government shutdown. instead, they decided to go to a state park they had never hiked. by night fall, they were lost. >> we discovered that there had been quite a bit of rain in what looked to be flash flooding that knocked a lot of the trail markers out of the way. >> the experienced tigers spent three days wandering in the heat. kathy could barely walk, they decided to separate. >> i didn't have it to push on. we were in dire strengths at that point. >> we said our love yous to each other and she wanted me to
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tell the kids to make sure to let them know she tried. >> after walking around for a few hours, mcfarland, a news photographer saw something through his camera lens. it was a reflection from a car windshield. using his zoom lens, mcfarland followed the reflection and reached rescuers. it took two more days to find kathy. she was only a mile from where the couple had started their hike. >> we stopped and we just listened and we heard it, and we looked down and there was kathy. >> incoherent from the heat, fry had taken all her clothes off, she was severely dehydrated, had sunburn and bruises, but no serious injuries. cbs news. >> why is an award winning reporter at the gazette and her husband, mcfarland is a photographer at the same newspaper. they are so lucky to be alive and they know it. >> yeah, i mean, serious stuff, really is. good news, we are quieter
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tonight. hope you enjoyed today. probably the best day of the week. >> oh, that's not good. >> i know that's not good. remnants of karen may provide some rain tomorrow afternoon and she may hang around for a while, too. let's start with a live look outside. 67. not bad. dew points are pretty low. humidity is low, too. much dryer air mass now. winds out of the northeast at 7 and the prsh beginning to fall. it's going to fall for a long time, too. temperatures, well 64 in bethesda. pretty uniform. 63 in arlington. 64 in springfield. 67 in college park. one of the warmer readings, but only 63 in waldorf and looking at low 60s by the water, by the bay. so, clouds move in tonight, but we stay dry. that's the good news. the morning commute will be dry. that's also good. and then we get into the bus stop. it's going to be chilly. 40s and 50s. you'll be dry at the bus stop. when you come home, there will be showers and rain.
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maybe some rain gear tomorrow and everybody, i think, will have a wet commute coming home on wednesday. in fact, here's why. we'll stop this for you. i just tweeted this out, this exact animation. follow this at topper's weather. so, at noon, we have rain already in la plata. we have rain in southern maryland. but if you're west of 95 or north of 66 or north of 50, you're still dry for the most part. by 6:30, pretty much this time tomorrow night, we have rain everywhere. it's generally light to moderate rain. the yellow, heavier rain down to the south of us. that will mean a wet commute for everybody and we get into tomorrow night, still raining and we get into thursday overnight on wednesday, early thursday morning, now we have rain rolling through. essentially up and down 95 between fredericksburg and baltimore. so she's going to be with us for a while. for tonight, increasing clouds, breezy, a little bit chilly. 46 to 54 and tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, breezy and chilly. i'll bring the jacket and
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umbrella. 40s and 50s and by afternoon, temperatures don't go up a lot. breezy and cool. light rain or drizzle developing. high temperatures around 65. winds northeast 10 to 15 and they will stay with us for a few days as well. we're cool and chilly, i mean, 50s 5:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., maybe low 6 0áz by 11:00 a.m. and by 1:00, we got rain on the way and again, if you are south of town, you've had the rain for a couple hour, temperatures in the mid 60s. so, right now we're going to keep this as a green alert tomorrow. light rain developing. we could change that, yellow alert on thursday. howard did that this afternoon and went ahead and did friday as the yellow alert because we got annoying rain. trying to make plans, it's going to be damp and going to be chilly. all right, next seven days, it kind of hangs with us a little bit over the weekend. a few showers possible on saturday. and then a couple showers, but more sun on sunday. ravens in town against the pack
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and low to mid 70s on monday and also on tuesday. we couldn't get to this last thursday, we got to it today. sunrise over the potomac. in arlington, virginia, and jesse sent this to us. i'm sorry. andy moore, okay, andy moore sent this to us from mount vernon. >> he did everything right. you call everybody out when they don't do it. >> what a heck of a picture, too. so we show it to you on the air, we put it on our website. so it's two places. you want to upload a picture, go to our website and click on the weather tab and like you mentioned, include your name, town, and a description. >> very good. very nice haircut by the way, topper. women always notice. >> you do notice. >> if you are praying this government shutdown ends, you're not alone. we'll introduce you to the senate chaplain who is turning to the power of prayer for the hopes of divine intervention.
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wow, people really love prince george. wait until you hear the price wait until you hear the price tag. i'm a private businessman in virginia and to me the most important thing in a governor is to help create jobs. i trust terry mcauliffe to work with businesses to help us create the jobs that we need to move virginia's economy forward. and that's why i'm voting for terry mcauliffe.
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as a small businessman in virginia i'm voting for terry mcauliffe. he's the one that can create jobs and grow virginia's economy. he will work with republicans and democrats to get the job done. that's why i trust terry for governor. baby george got a lot of people going gaga. a new set of coins to celebrate the prince's christening already. >> already, his mom and dad, prince william and kate, they
5:25 pm
have approved the design ahead of their son's baptism. they have seen it. it is stamped with their approval and alfonso shows us the coins that have royal watchers pretty excited. >> workers at the royal mint are busy making thousands of shiny new coins to celebrate the baptism of baby prince george. >> in more recent times, move to personal events in the lives of the royal family. >> the coin shows prince george's great grandmother on the front. the backside has images of charabs and lilies. a golden dish used for most royal baptisms since 1840. the baptism will take place here. it is the first time that the royal mint has issued a coin to mark a christening. coin production was fast tracked, made in a quarter of the usual time and less than three months after prince george was born. the coin's designer says he had
5:26 pm
little to go on. >> we didn't know the gender of the child or the name or the date. and so we had to look for something classical, something timeless. >> of the nine coins, the coin sells for about $80,000. >> would you pay that kind of money for a coin? >> i'm sure someone would. >> the least expensive goes for $20. >> i think they are rather nice. >> it's not likely any of the coins will be tossed into the fountain. most buyers will treasure. alfonso, cbs news, london. >> we heard $80,000 and heard what? >> i'm still like what for $20. >> there's a $20 version, we are all over that. the royal mint received thousands of preorders from around the world. >> this summer, the mint gave a silver penny to the babies born in the united kingdom on july 22, the same day as prince george. i wonder how much they are worth. >> clearly not as much.
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>> i can afford those coins. england is buzzing with speculation that prince harry will be the next royal to walk down the aisle. a new report from the telegraph quotes a friend of his girlfriend, christina, saying she is going to marry the 29- year-old friend. harry could pop the question next year. no comment from his office. >> no pressure, a whole year later to do something after everybody is talking about it. all right, the call for action team gets results. you want to stick around to see how we are solving your toughest problem. and since skate boarders are loving the shutdown. how they are taking advantage of it, pulling off a few stunts of their own.
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there's not a lot of upsides to the government dishownt. washington's most famous skate boarder is found one, at least for fans of the sport. and places that are normally off limits to skate boarding are attracting all kinds of riders because a lot of the people who enforce the rules are on shutdown furlough. scott broom joined renowned d.c. skater, darren harper, at freedom plaza this afternoon. >> . >> definitely a holiday doing the furlough situation. >> meet darren harper, washington's most famous pro skate boarder. >> no police today. >> skating freedom plaza at 13th and pennsylvania. >> we are able to come out here and skate like the government properties and buildings without as much hassle as a regular date. >> skaters are turning up for
5:31 pm
wonts in a generation opportunity. >> like the obstacles, i mean, we love them. street skaters, so we love to rip the pavement. if i could show up here every day, like a 9:00 to 5:00, i would. i love this place. >> i wish i was doing. >> to many, skating is annoying and destructive. but to skaters like darren who is famous nationwide for his athletic moves, and mentorship of other young african american athletes to turn away from violence, freedom plaza is mecca. >> i'm not trying to glorify we are having fun for average americans working class citizens, you know, there's a problem because they aren't getting paid. i hope we get through it and everything gets back on track. i believe i was in junior high school. so, i'm sure i was down here skating during that time as well. >> at freedom plaza, scott broom, wusa9. >> you got moves.
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be careful. got to be careful. >> and the camera work was so amazing. great job. with the government shutdown dragging on, people hoping for a resolution are turning to a higher power. >> senate chaplain has been leading the charge every day. he opens each day sessions with a prayer and ministers to senators and their staff. even senate official over the last ten years seems fed up with the stalemate. >> deliver us from the hypocrisy of attempting to sound reasonable while being unreasonable. >> chaplain black is giving lawmakers the same courage as capitol police who are currently protecting them without pay. and don't forget, we have an entire section devoted to the shutdown on our website,
5:33 pm along with what it's costing every second. >> you have problems and we are getting you solutions. our call for action team is hard at work helping to solve your consumer issues. verison builder for internet service even after she canceled it. when she couldn't get the company to stop, she reached out to call for action for help. verison reimbursed her $100 within two weeks after our team contacted them. vienna, virginia resident signed up for classes in project management. the courses were canceled when the owner told them there wasn't enough interest. william wanted his money back, but he kept getting the run around. it took nine weeks, but call for action stepped in and got him his $495 back. and elizabeth in bethesda, maryland, received a parking ticket in front of her home even though she had a current
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parking permit. she took a picture of the citation and the permit and sent them to county enforcement agency. she received a notice that parking ticket was outstanding and got hit with an additional $25 fee. so she contacted our call for action team. the ticket and the fines were dismissed. case closed. we want to solve your problems, too, contact our wusa9 call for action team. you can file a complaint online 24 hours a day on our website, just click the call for action link or call our hot line at 301-652-help. pretty soon, you're going to see new $100 bills. they went into circulation today and the new security features include a blue, 3d security ribbon right there that makes it easier to authenticate and harder to counterfeit. >> oh my gosh. get away from me. >> a lot of screams at this coffee shop.
5:35 pm
what they didn't know is it was all part of a prank that gone viral. you got see this. got to. top. >> all right, we have some clouds in place, but the showers and rain still to the south of us. we'll show you the radar. they are getting pretty well hammered with light rain and showers. that's going to roll northward. we'll tell you which days are yellow alerts as well. >> and none of us enjoy getting a cold, but it turns out that virus is being used to help fight cancer. that story still ahead. and don't forget, we are always on at and the wusa9 app. don't forget that. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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in nebraska, a young football fan whose battle with cancer touched a lot of lives may have scored his biggest victory yet. video of jack scoring a touchdown with the huskers went viral this spring. he met president obama. even won an award after and now, 60 weeks after chemotherapy, hoffman's parents say his son's brain cancer is in remission. great news. but team jack says it will continue to raise funds for
5:39 pm
pediatric brain cancer research. >> customers at a new york coffee shop got quite a jolt and this had nothing to do with their coffee. >> the remake of carey hits theaters soon. someone got the idea to have a little fun with it at the extense of unsuspecting customers. >> oh my gosh. you just ruined all of my stuff. >> get some napkins, it will be fine. >> there's coffee inside of my computer. you know what? just get away from me. just get away from me. get out of my way. oh my gosh. >> everybody is just like, that doesn't look, the whole thing looks like it is staged. at a certain point, you know
5:40 pm
what? we -- yeah. >> i don't know. now this gets a little hokey, come on now folks. this does not look like these are genuine reactions. they went all out for this and that is a fake wall the guy is connected to. there's no blood, thankfully. there are remote control tables and chairs and spring loaded book shelves and all of it adding to the scream factor and this was posted yesterday and more than 3,000 people watched it. if they really believe -- 3 million. more than 3,000. carrie hits theaters october 13. >> the interesting thing is, we know it's fake, but were the people reacting to it fake as well? they didn't look -- >> yeah, they did. still ahead, a revelation from one of hollywood's biggest stars is drawing attention to a growing epidemic, a serious one tonight. but first, government food inspections are one of the
5:41 pm
things falling by the waste side in the wake of this shutdown. find out why that could be a bigger problem, next. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." these are birth control pills. more than half of american women use them at some point in their lives but ken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could have made common forms of birth control illegal, including the pill. cuccinelli was one of only five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making" why is ken cuccinelli interfering in our private lives? he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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back with a health alert that could be rooted in the government shutdown. 278 people in 18 states have fallen ill after a salmonella outbreak and they all ate chicken packaged at one of three of the foster farms facilities in california. the outbreak appears to have started in march, but tracking it may be delayed by a bare boned staff due to the shutdown. right now, there is no recall in effect, but you want to make sure you cook your chicken to the proper 165 degrees. with the combination of cooler weather and close contact in the classroom, it does not take long for one virus to just infect a school full of kids. so most parents do whatever they can to help their kids avoid the common cold, but as andrea roane explains, some experts are using that virus to help kids battle cancer. >> there was a time that even playing a simple game with this family could be risky for collin mcdaniel. five years ago, collin was
5:45 pm
undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and his immune system was so weak, the slightest infection could pose a threat. >> the common cold meant so much more than what it was for anyone else. >> a new approach is based on the idea of a child getting a virus, not avoiding it. researchers are taking the virus that causes cold sores, altering it slightly in the laboratory, then injecting it directly into tumors. >> that tells the immune system, hey, there's a tumor here, come and get it. so that tumor can then be attacked by the immune system. >> the doctor is leading this virus research. he recently completed a similar study in the laboratory and saw significant results. >> a single or couple of injections of the virus into the tumor can cause a tumor to shrink and disappear. >> it doesn't infect or damage healthy tissue, which means
5:46 pm
there are very few, if any side effects that could make a huge difference in photos. showed just how extensive the side effects from his treatment really were. >> we don't know about the side effects until we go through them. at the end, you look back and think, gosh, would there have been a better way? >> it might come from the unlikeliest of places. andrea roane, wusa9. >> researchers say the virus they inject into the tumor is altered and it won't cause infection. doctors are also experimenting with a version of the virus that is given through an iv and it could one day travel through the body and fight cancer cells wherever they may be. jan. >> thank you, lesli. a revelation last night on letterman. >> i went to the doctor and he said, you know those high blood sugar numbers you've been dealing with since you were 36?
5:47 pm
wow, you graduated. you've got type 2 diabetes, young man. it's controllable. >> and joining me now to talk more about this is dr. scott of anova medical group. and doctor, there are reports out tonight that hank's weight fluxuations are what actually caused the type 2 diabetes. how is that possible? >> well, there's no evidence to suggest that rapid weight loss could cause diabetes. as a matter of fact, it might reduce it or could cure it, but weight gain and weight fluxuation in general, those are certainly known risk factors. >> are there any symptoms? >> there are a few symptoms. unfortunately, it's fairly nondescriptive in a sense it affects everything, but you don't always have specific symptoms that really clearly show it. you need to talk to your doctor whenever you have problems associated with weight changes, with increasing thirst or appetite. you have any kind of vision changes, if suddenly your
5:48 pm
vision is getting more blurry, and some folks who get numbness, like their fingers and their toes, they can sometimes be suggestive of having it. >> are there people more predisposed to getting type 2 diabetes? >> that's a good question. family history is huge. this is where being with a primary care physician will compel you to look for this sort of thing. individuals who are african american, who are of hispanic decent, asian and pacific islanders, those are at higher risk, obesity is also contributing factor. so you need to monitor these things and really look for your risk factors before you decide whether you'll be tested. >> is there any way to reverse the process? >> well, there's a way to control it. sometimes there are ways to cure it in the sense that you can always control it to the degree where then you'll have a normal blood sugar level. that has to be done with a real
5:49 pm
close work with your doctor and nutritionist team. having your primary care involved in your life, making sure you are getting 150 minutes of exercise every week. and those things, you know, along with good food selections and choices, that's going to get you where you want to be. >> great to see you, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> helping your plan your day, wusa9's first alert weather. >> this dose of reality has been like -- it was 90 degrees over the weekend and i know we are supposed to be here, but man. >> i suppose it's a bitter pill after being 90 on sunday. here in the 40s this morning and yeah, that's chilly. but again, it's average. climate is what you expect, weather is what you get. first, we'll go back in time and show you a time lapse. we're looking north down wisconsin avenue. see how it's clear the further north you go? the shield is to the south of us. that's going to be the pattern tomorrow in terms of rain fall.
5:50 pm
up in frederic, going to get the rain last. if you're up in southern maryland, you're going to get the rain first. take a live look outside. temperatures are pretty close to average. 67. relatively nice in terms of humidity. only 45%. winds out of the northeast at 7. and the pressure falling. got to get used to that. 63 in bethesda. 62 already in arlington. 63 in springfield. still 66 in college park and looking at 63 down in waldorf. so, these temperatures are below average, but all in all, uniform and still pretty comfortable. in fact, we'll look back on these tomorrow night. they have a nice evening. we stay dry. dry morning commute tomorrow, that is the good news. another chilly start at the bus stop, 40s and 50s again and then a wet commute home. so the kids need some kind of rain gear tomorrow or a jacket and also an umbrella. they will probably have rain, especially south of 50 and also
5:51 pm
south of 66. here's where we are with our future cast. by lunchtime, we have rain in southern maryland. you are dry gaithersburg, but south and east of town, you have some rain to deal with and by evening, everybody is going have a wet commute. even though we are up into hagerstown. with heavier rain, patches of heavier rain denoted yinellow on the west side of 95 and south of fredericksburg and then, tomorrow night, 11:00, we still have light rain and then a band. we can believe this computer model from moderate rain rolls in into thursday morning. increasing clouds tonight, breezy, chilly. lows 46 to 54. tomorrow morning, we are in the 40s and 50s. bring a jacket and an umbrella because by 11:00, we'll be 62. by 1:00, rain is on the way and already here south and east of town. so, rain on thursday, 63. and yeah, still damp and chilly
5:52 pm
on friday, 65. getting to the next seven days, still some left over showers for the maryland game and maybe a shower sunday for the ravens game, although nicer 71, low 70s on monday and mid 70s with sunshine next tuesday. >> all right, as we start feelthe cooler temperatures, consumer alert about winter heating costs. the government annual outlook prediction is that those of us using natural gas will pay an average of $679. that's a 13% increase over last year. but if you use heating oil, you should see a drop of about 2% in your bill to about 2,046. still, that is thsecond highest prediction on record. but that is nothing compared to what weabouto show you right now and of course, it's never too early to start thinking about the holidays. >> yeah, but tonight, we can show you somee ja dropping items that we love to
5:53 pm
fantasize about at this time of year out of the what else, the neimann marcus christmas book. they say people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones and you would probably adhere to that if you spent $30,000 on the glass house experience. what about $150,000 for a global falconry experience that comes with a trained bird? >> i'm going for the for ever mark ultimate diamond experience for a mere $1,850,000, you can get a 25- carat diamond, but wait, you can travel to africa for a private tour of where it came from. and it is 11 days. it's 11 days. >> we'll get our money back. all right, how about the lean machine, okay? costs $11,000 and described as a modern spin on the exercise bike. i really actually like to pull
5:54 pm
behind it. >> i can't figure out, what do you do? how does it work you out? >> it's like a unicycle. >> it is supposed to help you lose weight? >> coming up tonight at 6:00, things are getting bogged down on capitol hill in more ways than one. but first, take a bow from the nobel prize. look at some awards and some of the winners next.
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5:57 pm
we are celebrating 20 years of buddy check 9 here at wusa9. today, our andrea roane was honored for her work about breast cancer. prince georges county recognized her for helping to save lives through early detection. this is breast cancer awareness month and tomorrow is the night, make sure you call your buddy with a buddy check reminder and log on to to learn more about fighting breast cancer. >> two european scientists are taking home this year's nobel prize in physics. belgium and peter hyings of britain were recognized for their discovery. that's known as the god particle. explained how some particles acquire mass. >> and two texas philanthropists are helping, running during this government shutdown. let's take a look.
5:58 pm
they are donating $10 million to help keep thousands of children across the country in the early learning program. laura and john arnold say they hope the money will keep those programs running through the end of the month. >> while you were away today, the blame game continued on capitol hill. a trucker protest hits the brakes and members of congress were arrested in a protest. >> let's start catching you up with a look at your world in 90 seconds. >> the president called house speaker, john boehner, reiterating he is willing to talk about the budget after congress passes bills to fund the government. >> house republicans don't get the demands for ransom in exchange for their job. >> we aren't going to sit down and talk to you until you surrender. it's not our system of government. >> right now, there are four other candidates who declared for mayor. they, too, are waiting to see what vincent gray does. >> who are you talking about?
5:59 pm
>> it's a lovely walk here in old town alexandria, until you get to this fence and the only way around it could be imminent domain. the city says it proposed a plan back in june, but since the club never got back to them, the city is take this bold step. >> packaged in california has been traced to the salmonella outbreak. that made about 300 people sick in 18 different states. usda food safety inspection service are monitoring the outbreak with reduced staffing. >> this is surveillance video. gunman fired a shot that went by the clerk's head. take the suspect outside and all the way across the parking lot. >> it was a fake gun. >> the baptism will take place here later this month. it's the first time that the royal mint has issued a coin to mark a christen


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